A sweet and spicy, creamy, full-bodied coffee with a rich taste, unique in flavor and consistency. What makes La Tazza d’oro Gran Miscela so creamy and velvety is the clever combination of Indian Robusta Coffee and Arabian Coffee from Brazil, Guatemala and Ethiopia.

The cup is vigorous, with clear notes of spice and sponge cake and a nice, light acidic, aftertaste.

La Tazza d’oro Gran Miscela was created for those who like to enjoy a rich espresso coffee. Our slow toasting gives the coffee a persistent creaminess and a full, pleasant and sweet body for those who want a true energy boost.

It's also suitable for use in super-automatic machines, as it guarantees easy handling and is great for preparing cappuccino.

The homogeneous toasted color is practically perfect, the delicate aroma, the velvety “crema” and the medium texture satisfy all palates.

La Tazza d'oro Gran Miscela is packed daily in 1 kilos, highly controlled and hermetically sealed to ensure the fragrance over time.

La Tazza d’oro Gran Miscela

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