Decaffeinated coffe blend for espresso.




A delicious blend of full-bodied coffee from Brazil and India creates the persistent and delicate aroma of La Tazza d’oro Decaffeinated coffee.

full-bodied flavor, ideal for those who like to fully enjoy the pleasure of an espresso coffee in its decaffeinated guise.

The cup is balanced, with a definite sweetness. A satisfyingly persistent aftertaste enhanced by hints of hazelnut and bitter chocolate.

It's a round, decaffeinated blend, sweet, rich and balanced, to be prepared with the moka coffee maker and espresso machine, as often as you like.

The ideal coffee for anyone who wants a break from the caffeine but not from the taste.

Decaffeination takes place through a natural process that doesn't affect the organoleptic characteristics and assures the full aroma of the espresso in the cup.

Available in granes in a pack of 1 kilogram and 250 grams, milled for espresso in a pack of 250 grams and single-serving version of 80 portions.

La Tazza d’oro Decaffeinato Macinato

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  • Passion for coffee since 1938

    In order to understand what is La Tazza d’oro let’s go back in time of 80 years, when the spouses Giuseppe and Carmela Murgia opened the first coffee roasting in the city of Cagliari. Memorable years of changes and progresses that we want to trace back with you.

    It was 1938, in Sardinia coffee was rare as a product, restricted to a limited élite due to the raw material cost and to the lack of roasters in the area. Whoever stopped at Cagliari was used to go visit the roasting or one of the “fresh milled” coffee retails La Tazza d’oro.

    Thanks to the founder’s passion, to his constant commitment and to the attention to the clients, this beverage spread all lover Sardinia and became commonly used.

    The attitude to innovation and to search for continuous improvements, brought our company to grow even more and to open in the ‘70s a factory in Viale Elmas, equipped with state of the art machinery.

    This way we have been able to improve out production capacity in order to face the growing demands.

    In 2008 La Tazza d’oro moved to larger premises in the location of Macchiareddu – Cagliari, from which the consignments packets are shipped to the sale points within short time from their packing, in order to ensure the delivery of product always fresh. The result is a coffee toasted and made in Sardinia, whose trip will proudly cross the borders of the island.

    The company makes available its own knowledge in the sector organizing sectors events like Coffee Campus and training courses on the territory through Training LAB.


    From 2012

    It is a common passion that had two important realities of the Italian roasting story meet, a strong and intense passion like the best of coffees.

    La Tazza d’oro thanks for being part of the group KIMBO, shares the same criteria and quality processes in the various production stages:

    • selection of the best roots of raw coffee (constantly monitored and checked by the group experts);
    • monitoring the pre-production stages, toasting and blending.

    Add to this the further benefit in the stage of acquisition of raw materials: tank to the contribution by Interkom, a group company specialized in raw coffee trading, La Tazza d’oro is carefully monitoring the coffee harvests in the various territories of the tropical zone. Coffee in fact is a product that comes from the ground, the same plantation every year produces different fruits that change according to the season, the weather and the meteorological conditions. The Interkom experts identify every year the best harvests, and the qualities that are more suitable to compose the recipes La Tazza d’oro and let them always be the same ones over time.